Blacktail Deer Hunting in California is still one of the best deer hunting opportunities in the United States.

Our deer hunters over the years have regularly taken Blacktail Deer scoring 125 SCI plus consistently.

2 Day Management Deer Hunts

A mature buck with a fork on one side

$2500   scoring up to 110 SCI

$3000   scoring 111 – 119 SCI

3 Day Mid Range Deer Hunt

A mature 3x3 or 3x4 buck

$4000   scoring up to 119

$3000   3×3 scoring under 100

5 day Trophy Deer Hunt

Any 4x4 or any buck scoring over 120 $5000

Additional Trophy Fee:

$1000 for any buck scoring 120-129 SCI

$2000 for any buck scoring over 130 SCI

* 131 + gross score is an additional $150 per inch.

Elk Hunt

Bull hunt $7500 base price

Additional Trophy Fee:

$5000 for a bull scoring up to 250 gross SCI

$7500 for a bull scoring  251 – 274 gross SCI

$10000 for a bull scoring  275 – 300 gross SCI.

* 301 + gross SCI is an additional $100 per inch.

  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve a hunt. Balance due upon arrival.
  • Our clients are required to sign a hunting agreement and liability release form.
  • State of California Department of Fish & Game regulations govern all hunts.
  • A valid California license and B Zone tag are required.


California hunting license and tag may be purchased online at

"The Cottrell Ranch doubtless harbors some of the best

black-tailed deer habitat in the world."

-Dr. J.Y. Jones as quoted in "One Man, One Rifle, One Land"
Blacktail Deer and Elk Hunting on Private Land of Cottrell Ranch
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